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Argolamp, the best lamp for speleology and cave diving

2016 Argolamp is born and the Sardinian speleological rescue takes it as its equipment, where some speleo divers use it for their first cave dives.


2017 The cave diver Thorsten Wealde (LINK) he became interested in the product and began using it for his technical dives, reaching a maximum depth of 114 meters 5 km from the entrance in 2020, total immersion time approximately 10 hours.

2019 During the Urzulei speleological gathering, I know Rick Stanton (LINK) who greatly appreciated the lamp and, from then on, began to use it constantly, considering it the best caving lamp he had ever use


2022 The Argolamp is used in the film Therteen Live, in the character of Rick Stanton.

2023 Doctor protagonist of the rescue in Thailand, Richard Harris, takes the Argolamp to the depths of 230 meters. You can see Richard Harris' review in VIDEO (min 15).


The lamp

Here are some images of Argolamp, a professional lamp for speleology, outdoor and underwater activities.
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Argolamp 2.0

Illustrative image of the official product

Battery pack

2 batteries 6800 mAh

Suitable for any type of environment

É supplied with various accessories to make it complete and multipurpose


Front application on caving helmet

Our explorations

The versatility of Argolamp allows use even in extreme conditions, discover our travels around the world in the section

Tighter conditions
Aletsch - Swiss
Fresh water
Water depth
Cenote - Mexico
Tiscali - Sardinia


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